Top Online Casinos

Online casino reviews are a good way to learn more about a potential casino you might think of signing up to. However, not all reviews are created equal. You might end up with reviews that are thin on information or not trustworthy, for example.

So, we thought we'd cover the five most important things you should always look for when searching for the best casino reviews. If you can find a review with all five, you're looking in the right place.

Multiple sections

Hmm, we bet you weren't expecting to read that. It's true, though - a good review should be divided into several sections, with each one focusing on a different portion of the casino.

For example, there might be sections on the available games, the promotions, tournaments, VIP club or rewards, and so on. A short review without sections cannot hope to cover all this or any of the other important topics people want to know about.

Information on the games and game providers

This is a vital topic because you want to know which games you can play if you sign up. Some casinos work on software provided by just one company. Others use a software platform but have games from several sources. The more sources there are, the bigger the choice of games for you.

If choice is important - and to many players, it is - you should make sure you review this section to see how many games are available. A rough quantity should be enough. Will you see 100 games or many thousands?

Information on the available banking methods

If you have already used an online casino and you are searching for another one to join, you might already know which banking method you would prefer to use. If that's the case, you know which one to look for in the review.

If you haven't decided what to use yet, you can read the banking information to see what your options are. Most good casinos have a good mix of banking facilities to tap into. For example, payment types could include cards (credit and debit), e-wallets, prepaid options, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.

Contact information for the casino

We like to see live chat available because it is fast and simple to use. We are usually suspicious of any casino that only has an email address and cannot be contacted by live chat or telephone.

The more information you can read about this in any online casino review, the easier it is to work out whether you've found the casino you would like to sign up to.

Details about current promotions

Ideally, this should also include information about any available bonus codes or coupons you could use. The extent of this section should depend on how comprehensive the promotions are at that casino. For instance, some casinos have a welcome offer and that's it. Others have tons of promotions, with different ones each day. In that case, you would expect the promotional section to be much longer in the respective casino review.

You can see there are various elements to consider whenever you encounter an online casino review to read. The longer it is, the more likely it is you've found a good source of information. After a while, you might have one or two trusted sites you revisit often for their take on new casinos too.