Orient Express Contest

It is time for everyone to enjoy the 150K Bonus Contest at Intertops Casino. Hop on an iconic train to experience a big adventure and big winnings. With a prize pool of $150.000 during the course of the competition, there is a lot to gain for players who take up the challenge. The famous Orient Express will lead you towards your share of the weekly $30.000 giveaway prize pool at the Intertops Casino platform. On top of that, there will also be an extra cash reward handed out when the promotion comes to an end on July 2nd, 2018.

The Leaderboard Position Will Determine Your Rewards

If you want to compete in this bonus contest, then you have to make sure you secure a strong position on the leaderboard when awards are handed out on Mondays. On these Mondays, 300 leaderboard rewards are given to competing players that did well during the week. Additionally, there is a Thursday draw, in which added prizes can be won by 50 players. Emails from the casino will provide more details about the weekly draw, so make sure you keep an eye on those during the coming weeks. If you are going for a strong position on the competition's weekly leaderboard, then make sure you end up on a position in the top 20. When the promotion ends, there will be one top 20 weekly contestant who is going to walk away with a $1.000 value reward.

How to Get the Best Results out of This 150k Bonus Contest

In order to qualify for your share of the leaderboard rewards every week, you need to deposit a minimum of $75 into your casino bank account. Then, when you start playing, you receive one point every time you reach the played money threshold of $100 on any of the available casino games. Play more to earn more points, and increase your weekly reward value. Once Monday comes along and the prizes are rewarded, the leaderboard and your earned points will be reset. Additionally, if you want to become eligible to receive extra bonus money on Thursdays, you need to deposit and play a minimum amount of $25 between Mondays and Wednesdays.

All Aboard the Orient Express 150k Bonus Contest

All aboard the Orient Express 150K Bonus Contest. It is your chance to shine and profit during this exciting contest at Intertops Casino. Don't let this opportunity to win some extra cash for the summer months pass by, because there is enough money on the table to turn you into one of those wealthy travelers you would come across on the real Orient Express.