Betsoft Casinos is one of the premier online gaming spots around – with literally decades of experience bringing you the best gaming contents that your heart could desire. One of the chief reasons for their extensive suites of competitive games is their multiplicity of different departments that are committed to the user iGaming experience. There's a Quality Assurance team, high-level Customer Support staff, and of course a Software Development Team. Betsoft's Technical Services is inextricably intertwined with her Marketing Services to provide an engaging platform for online casino operators worldwide.

Betsoft Casino Games

Betsoft has been making a name for itself for a long time - decades, in fact. This is why you’ll find just about anything you could be looking for insofar as online casino games are concerned here. This includes the old favorite Desktop Games, of which there are plenty, and which were the first to herald the monumental debuts of iGaming content like 3D Video Slots and Slots3 (trademarked), which takes interactivity in games to a whole new level. The animations are as eye-opening as they are jaw-dropping, and create a truly arcade-like experience that’s hard to beat.

Betsoft Mobile is another outstanding attribute that deserves its own subsection. Not only are most of the games from the regular casino available for play on your mobile device, there’s a dedicated platform named ToGo (trademarked) that specifically refers to mobile games from Betsoft. Have a blast from your smartphone or tablet, or even your laptop for a slightly more expansive experience. As long as you’ve got an Android or iOS-supported device, you can enjoy these games to your heart’s content. In fact, Windows is also supported for those of you who are still loyal to the House that Bill Gates Built. The primary feature of the ToGo platform is that it ensures the games retain all their cinematic glory - if anything, they look even better on the smaller, high resolution screen. Additionally, there’s no slow-down of the software as it has been reprogrammed from desktop optimization to mobile.

Betsoft Doesn’t Just Make and Host Software

There’s a Casino Manager that is of tremendous benefit to would-be administrators that host their own suite of games and services to online providers. It has a very high degree of customizability and so can be tailored to any preexisting platform, making it the management system of choice for those who are geared for success. Included in this is the trademarked SHIFT platform, which is a tool for HTML5 development and desktop gaming.

In addition to the above, there are also Marketing Services that go hand-in-hand with Account Management. Betsoft has a team of account specialists that strive to maximize your experience as well as your comfort with the available tools. There are analytics embedded in the platform, so that you can view in real time the effect of your current marketing efforts. Of course this allows you to discern what paths to take vs which ones aren't worth the cost/benefit - if any.

Casino Games

Betsoft has a host of games for you to try and not ever run out of options for as long as you wish to remain a valued member. Although Slots are their specialty, you can access all of the games here that you’d be able to access at other casinos. This includes Desktop Games that take the full scope of computing power that’s available to the most software-intensive slots, as well as brilliant mobile games that display well and play smoothly on your smartphone or tablet. Here are a couple of examples of the Slots3 innovations to iGaming:
  • The Angler Slots - In the realm of riveting graphics, few can touch the digital masterpiece that is The Angler Slots. With 5 reels and 20 paylines, this intense game of fishing for riches propels the video slot to a new realm of artistic expression. You can bet between 40 cents and $100 per spin, which makes it the perfect game to attract both penny-pinchers and high-rollers alike. The paylines are of course variable, too, which adds an extra great dimension to the wealth of options available to you. The Free Spins Bonus Feature requires Scatter symbol arrangements to unlock, so keep your eyes open and wits about you in case a bout of luck hits. There’s yet another special feature in the Time to Fish Bonus, during which a bucket of freshly-caught fish translates into a bonus for the ages. The highest paying symbol is the Angler fisherman, and the second highest paying symbol is an intelligent octopus. Download The Angler Slots to uncover more gems.
  • The Slotfather Slots - One of the most magnificent slots ever made, this gangster-inspired game is the one that set off the Slots3 iGaming revolution. Audiences had never before seen such a brilliantly-detailed and graphically intensive slot until this hit came along. The main characters are all brilliant caricatures of a mob boss and his capos; there’s the Slotfather, himself (the boss), and then there’s Frankie the Fixer, Fat Tony and Sammy Quick Fingers. It’s got 5 reels and 30 paylines, as well as free spins, bonus features and instant awards that can rain down on you at point in the game. This game is also big on cash when it comes to wagering, allowing you to put down a whopping 150 credits per game at the highest end. At the lowest end, this amount drops to 0.60 credits. There’s so much more to this seminal slot - play to discover what the fuss is all about.
  • Weekend In Vegas Slots - When you get together a couple of your closest friends from college for a weekend in Vegas, chances are there will be a lot of partying and nights to remember (as well as nights to forget). This is the premise of the get-together between old chums Looney Larry, Cautious Chris and Balanced Ben. These fellas are out for several nights on the town, during which they hope to win some big time cash and prizes. The Police Van Scatter symbols and Substitute Las Vegas Signs could help in this regard, as long as you receive them lined up on the reels in the right quantities. The Scattered Police Vans, for example, are capable of multiplying your win by a factor of 250 for enough of them in a row. The Money Wheel Bonus is similarly beneficial, and the Scatter symbol can get you there. Check the pay table for the values of five of a kind of the symbols in the slot.
  • A Night in Paris Slots - With 5 reels and 30 paylines, this is a bigger than average sized slot for the online casino gamer. The protagonist is a man named Jacque, and he is an art collector looking lift some of the greatest works ever from the museums of the City of Love. By art collector, we of course are using this tongue-in-cheek to describe a thief of fin taste if not fine character. The artistry is downright Parisian, as the slot seeks to convey a sense of the wonder of the most famous and traveled city in France. The highest paying symbol is night policeman, who has 500 coins for the maximum five of a kind. The next high paying icon is one of the burglars, who delivers 300 coins for five of a kind, the bulldog gets you 250 coins for five of a kind, and then it goes down to the lowest paying croissant symbol - which nets you 50 coins tops for a full row of them. All of the paying lines are multiplied by the total bet - let’s make a hot Night in Paris by playing to win!
  • Alkemor’s Tower - Alkemor’s Tower Slot is an impressive wizard’s take on a fantastical adventure that takes you to realms untold. It’s a 5 reel, 243 payline 3D slot that can deliver a multitude of bonus options for US players and gamers from all over the world alike. Although it’s not a progressive, there’s still a hefty $17,500 prize available as the top payout. As is the case with many progressive slots, whatever your actual bet is multiplied by a factor of 30 so as to actually meet the minimum demands of the game. One nice feature of this is the magic spells that crop up to help improve your chances at winning - there’s the Blue Water spell, the Brown Earth spell, the Air spell and the Red Fire spell. You can find their actual effects on the game right inside after you either download or play for free.
  • A Christmas Carol - As you’ll notice the first time you land on one of the above, th graphics are literally off the charts; some have even said that they rival or surpass anything that major cinematic motion picture studios have thus far come up with. The gameplay is no slouch, either, so enjoy all that these have to offer. Although A Christmas Carol is classified as a holiday slot, it can of course be played in the weeks and months leading up to the last holiday of the year - in fact, you can enjoy it year-round. The symbols on the reels are all graphics-intensive and really pop, so you know that A Christmas Carol Slots is nice to look at. For more information on the actual gameplay, be sure to head to the casino and either download for real money play, or use the Flash version for a chance to see what it’s all about without any cash at stake.

Although slots are their bread and butter - it is, after all, what the gambling public desires - Betsoft Gaming has lots more to offer. At all of the casinos that host their software, you’ll also find Table Games, Video Poker and Specialty Slots for your consummate enjoyment. It is a promise that the gaming legend has been keeping since their inception decades ago.

Betsoft: Always Looking Towards the Future

Betsoft Casino literally has it all – one of the first things you'll notice are their absolutely cinematic 3D games that spare no expense in bringing a lifelike feel to their video slots; additionally, they sometimes hire real life orchestras to provide the blazing soundtracks that give a voice to their lifelike background animations. There's a reason that gamers report returning to the Betsoft Casino platform time and again - no matter where else they visit, they tout this on as the best.

If you are a Casino Manager, then the Betsoft Casino gaming platform is especially oriented towards your services. In addition to the ability to provide you with a robust library of Slots and games, Betsoft also has a professional back office platform with the ability to track all important analytics and gauge other metrics for the purposes of a full tilt performance for their partners. Indeed, with the recent overhaul of some of their older technology, the future is at your fingertips with the HTML5 based content and cross-platform capability of their gaming suite.

Betsoft New Releases

One of the things that you can always count on with Betsoft Casinos is there ever-forward perspective on providing new software for their partners. New games are always being added to their growing library; with an announcement every month or so on the front page of their website. The following is a selection of the kind of top-notch video slots that were all released within the same month – keeping online casino gamers first expectant and then satiated.

  • Dragon Kings Slots: this recent Betsoft creation has five reels and 25 pay lines. The top award of over 280,000 credits is an incredible catch; assuming you're lucky enough to cash in on and cash it out. The free spins feature – which is retriggerable – should help. It's got a very strong Chinese flavor, and the symbols on the reels, as well as the background, are drawn in the oriental style. There's even a Koi Fish pond represented by one of the symbols. In the distance is a loan pagoda on a mountaintop; which is quite reminiscent of worry Buddhist monk may have spent the bulk of his enlightened life. The other symbols include an Azure (Blue) Dragon, and Obsidian Dragon, a Red Dragon, and a Pearl Dragon. Getting five of a kind of any of these Dragon symbols pays out a 2000 credit win. They also handout prizes such as a respin, a tripling of your wins, a doubling of your wins and even a random cash prize that's worth up to 400 X your original bet. Dragon Kings Slots is playing now – and it has the Betsoft stamp of approval.
  • The Golden Owl of Athena Slots: with five reels and 10 pay lines, The Golden Owl of Athena Slots makes up for the two handfuls of pay lines by being a potentially lucrative Progressive Video Slot. Additionally, you can win up to 20 free spins – which are actually pretty easy to trigger when compared to other games – and get to enjoy a highly rated soundtrack that's reminiscent to the harp players of ancient Greece. Some of the symbols on the reels include the goddess Athena, the Greek Coliseum, the Greek Parthenon, an intricate vase, a silver leaved tree, a golden dagger, the helm of the God Ares, a golden owl, and the poker symbols. There are two prizes which you can win here in terms of large cash amounts: a nonprogressive reward of over 56,000 coins, and of course the Progressive Jackpot – which is as large as however many real money players contribute. The Golden all is the scatter symbol, and it is the icon that awards the free spins. Betsoft Casino has hit another home run with this anachronistic trip back to ancient Greek mythology.
  • Ogre Empire Slots: There are so many awesome slots on the market that any game reviewer would be hard-pressed to denotes any single one is the best of them all; however, with that said, we are confident that Betsoft Casinos Older Empire Slots is the best poker-themed game of them all. With 5 reels and 25 pay lines, this vibrantly colorful game boasts graphics that belong on an animated movie screen. Although you can play for free, real money players unlock the ability to win up to $25,000 on a single spin by betting the top coin denomination per line. Of course, you would need Lady Luck on your side as well. Older Empire Slots takes place in a fantasy kingdom where magic is as common as sand in this a horror. The symbols on the reels all adhere to this general theme; with magic mushrooms, stacks of gold coins, bejeweled gems, the older and more flourishing unabashedly across the gameboard. Can you, O noble warrior knight, save the Princess in the castle from the giant green ogre? Perhaps the Bonus Feature called the Daytime Ogre Smash will help you rack up the special symbols, cash and prizes to somehow get you to the promised land. Betsoft just keeps racking up the winds when it comes to pushing the envelope and what's possible with video slot graphics. Ogre Empire Slots is available for play right now.