A Night In Paris Slots

Paris is the city of romance and art. Therefore, it is no surprise that the French capital is beloved among artists and writers. However, this city is now also popular among gamblers, because it has successfully found its way into online casinos in the form of A Night in Paris Slots. This beautiful 3D video slot machine game is another great creation from software developer Betsoft Gaming. It offers a great view on the French city of lights and love during night time. You get a really good feeling of the atmosphere, thanks to the wonderful graphics, lively 3D animations and the French background music. But with a high profile game developer like Betsoft, that certainly comes as no surprise.

The Story Of The Game

A Night in Paris Slots offers you a total of 30 pay lines and 5 amazing slot reels. It is a very interactive slot title which focuses on a story that takes place in night time Paris. But besides it being the city of lights and love, it also has its darker sides. And darkness is exactly what the small but ambitious thief in this game needs in order for him to successfully conduct a burglary. His target is the Museum of Paris, which houses some incredibly valuable art pieces. Now, Jacques the burglar has his eyes on these art pieces. But during the execution of his plan, he runs into some serious obstacles. Two of his biggest obstacles are the equally ambitious security guard Jerome LaBaste and his canine buddy Pierre the guard dog, who follows him everywhere during his heroic deeds to protect the treasures. Together, they make an effort to save the precious art pieces from Jacques.

Will they succeed in their job and make you a rich man during the process, or will Jacques manage to complete a successful burglary and become a very wealthy thief? The outcome lies in your hands when you spin the five reels of this exciting game.

How To Play This Game

When you play this game, you can place bets that range between a minimum of $0.02 and a maximum of $1. In total, you can bet 5 coins per available pay line. Below the slot reels, you will find a coin selector, a pay line selector, and a bet per line selector. The developers also added an auto play function and a max bet function, to make the game play experience more convenient for if you are a fast player with a large budget.

Symbols That You Come Across During A Night In Paris

The slot reels of this game are bursting with recognizable symbols. These symbols of course include the characters Pierre the guard dog, Jerome LaBaste the security guard and Jacques the thief, but also iconic French elements like the croissant, the Eiffel Tower and two love birds who are holding hands at a romantic French café. With 30 active lines on the reels, you will definitely have your fair share of these powerful images. Some of the symbols are even extra powerful, because they trigger special features and lucrative bonus rounds. These symbols are the security badge, the painting, the thief and the guard.

The Chase Free Spins Mode

Spin at least three security badges on the slot reels and you will trigger the Chase Free Spins feature. In this feature, you watch how the guard tries to catch the thief, while at the same time you win some fine rewards.

The Caught In The Museum Bonus Round

Activate the Caught in the Museum bonus round by spinning at least three paintings on the slot reels. The thief has entered the museum and now you and LaBaste have a chance to finally catch him, and then you can claim your reward.

Receive An Instant Reward

While spinning for winnings, you will receive an instant reward whenever you manage to place a certain symbol combination on the slot reels. This combination needs to consist of the guard icon, the thief symbol and the badge attribute.

Experience A Night Full Of Romance, Crime And Money With A Night In Paris Slots

The symbols of the city of lights are some of the most recognizable in the world. By playing A night In Paris Slots you get an unique chance to spend an online night in Paris and look at the many charms of this city yourself. And if you manage to stop the thief during your visit, you could earn yourself so many profits that you can actually go on a real life trip to this famous city in France. At the moment, this entertaining slot title is available as a free version on any Betsoft Gaming powered casino, giving you the opportunity to get to know the game before you try it out with your real money.