Cloudbet Casino

Cloudbet is a seasoned online casino established back in 2013 and it offers a range of features and a unique deposit system that will interest gamblers looking for a highly secure betting solution that's available from most countries. It's well-known for its decent game selection, a top quality live casino experience, excellent mobile support and top-notch security, which is why it comes highly recommended by us.

Excellent Game Selection

Gamblers at CloudBet will enjoy choosing from a variety of gambling options including slots, table games, video poker, instant win games and keno. With more than 60 slots available there's a decent selection of themes and game types to choose from. Some of the slots also offer high-paying progressive jackpots that pay out in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to one lucky winner. There are more than 28 video poker games to choose from, including popular options like Jacks or Better that most gamblers are going to want access to. Most common table games are supported, making it possible to enjoy poker, roulette, blackjack and many more right from the comfort of your home. There's also a keno game and a few instant-win scratch-off type games to try out when players want something different to try out. Even though CloudBet doesn't offer hundreds of game options like some other online casinos, it maintains a library of high quality games that will keep most gamblers entertained for a long time.

Live Casino

For a more exciting gambling experience there's a live dealer feature at Cloud Bet that puts players into exciting table games that are run by an actual dealer. Players will sit down to their favorite roulette, baccarat, blackjack or Sic Bo games, and play them while watching a dealer over webcam. This creates a more immersive experience and helps to really bring the casino to life.

Mobile Support

Cloud Bet offers excellent mobile support to players interested in using their smartphones and tablets to game from anywhere. Android, iOS, Windows Phone and many modern Blackberry devices are all supported by the casino. It's a flash-based service so loading up the casino and playing is as simple as opening a web browser page, signing in and getting started. Players interested in mobile gambling will love the range of games available and the excellent support for their devices.

Security and Support

CloudBet takes deposits in Bitcoin and keeps all player money stored in cold storage offering the highest level of security to gamblers. Customer support is a bit slower than other online casinos, but it's easy to get answers to most questions using the built-in email support system. It's a shame there isn't a live chat feature available, but most players won't have trouble getting help. Overall CloudBet is a good online gambling solution for players that enjoy slots, table games or video poker. There are plenty of features available, it's secure and it's one of the few casinos that offers BitCoin cold storage for the highest level of security.