Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slots

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slots is an atmospheric slot with a dark and mysterious touch. The lead character, Dr. Jekyll, seems to be a friendly guy, but, unfortunately, he has a darker side as well. Deep inside hem hides a monster that wants to come out. The poor doctor, in an effort to tame the beast, has created a powerful potion, which he thinks will help him. But unfortunately, things go terribly wrong. Dr. Jekyll lets the beast come out, and he cannot control that destructive side of him. Welcome to a dark world of potions, crazy laboratory experiments, criminal endeavors and monstrously big winnings.

Enjoy Atmospherically Animated Game Play Features

This beautifully animated and designed online slot title is a production from Betsoft Gaming. You can expect a high quality gambling experience when that software producer is behind the reels. This is certainly the case with Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slots. It atmospheric and mysterious theme lures you in, and its story evolves when the five reels start spinning.

On these reels, you will see symbols like the laboratory notes book, the police officer, a fireplace, a key in a lock and a newspaper. Line them up and transform them into winning combinations via 30 profitable pay lines.

Do You Take the Red Potion or the Blue Potion

Collect red potion symbols on slot reels two and four and spin a Dr. Jekyll icon in the middle of them. At that moment the Hyde symbol, the Jekyll icon and the game's logo (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) transform into wild Hydes. Things get crazy from that moment on, because the screen elements start to swirl and they randomly move to new positions. New winning opportunities will arise from this profitable madness. Among those winnings, you will find a special wild Hyde reward.

The Logo icon is able to trigger this red potion feature, because it can replace the Dr. Jekyll attribute in the required symbol combination. However, keep in mind that the red potion icons always need to be placed on the corners of that combination. You will see red potion symbols on slot reels two, three and four.

The wild Hyde icon also functions as a substitute. It can replace any symbol, with the exception of Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde and Logo attributes. It is not connected to any special features.

Additionally, you have a chance to activate the special blue potion bonus element. In order for you to do this, you need to spin a Mr. Hyde symbol and place a total of two blue potion attributes at its corners. Your reward for creating this combination will be a random bet multiplier. The multiplier number ranges from 5 to 20 times your wager.

The logo icon functions as a substitute to launch this bonus. It can replace the Mr. Hyde logo, and it needs to be cornered on both sides by blue potion symbols in order to activate the feature. You will see blue potion attributes on slot reels two three and four.

Two Powerful Bonus Rounds With Differing Personalities

Will good or evil bring you luck tonight? This game has two attractive bonus rounds, which are linked to the two differing personalities of the lead character. Try to fight an inner demon in the potions bonus, which is connected to Dr. Jekyll, or perform shady and criminal tasks in the frenzy bonus, which is connected to Mr. Hyde. Both of the special rounds give you a chance to win big cash prizes.

Activate the Potions Bonus

Combine two Dr. Jekyll symbols, together with the special logo symbol in the middle, to open up the potions bonus round. This symbol combination needs to show up on reels two, three and four.

During the bonus feature, you have to create an anti-monster serum. Select the right potions for your serum, and make sure that you do it quick, because fast results lead to high wins. The highest win in this round is a powerful 160 times multiplier of your wager.

Trigger the Frenzy Bonus

Combine two Mr. Hyde attributes and place the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde logo in the middle to launch the frenzy bonus. This symbol combination also needs to occur on slot reels two, three and four in order for you to activate the special feature.

In this round, you will roam around in London, looking for things to steal. Make sure you stay out of the hand of police officer though. Your bonus winning will be cut in half if you encounter one, and that bonus can otherwise be as high as 66 times your bet.

Unlock Free Spins

Play this game for real money and fill the special slot machine meter with red potion. Your free spins feature will be activated once that potion meter is full. In order for this to happen, you need to fill the meter with 100 red potion units. Every spin counts for one unit.

Equally, you can also fill a meter during the free spins session. But then it will be blue potion units that you need to collect. The free spins round ends when your meter is full. You collect one blue potion unit per slot reel spin. When you reach the maximum number of 12 units, the meter will be full.

Free Your Inner Winner With Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slots

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slots offers a lot of slot machine gambling fun. It has an alluring story line and plenty of winning opportunities that keep you hooked to the game for a long time. Test your spinning skills in the fun mode on Betsoft's own website, or go for the real money deals in an online casino of your choice. Unlock that inner winner in you, but always be careful, because you don't want to end up like the poor Dr. Jekyll and release the monster in yourself.