Cupid's Arrow Slots

When Valentine's Day lurks around the corner and love puts extra sparks of electricity in the air, then you know it is time to have a date with romance themed online slot machine titles. These heartwarming games will pleasantly help you get in the mood for love and big cash profits.

Cupid's Arrow Slots from slot software developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) is such a game. Play it on your favorite WGS powered casino, but make sure that your sweetheart is alright with it, because this game will also be able to seduce you with its attractive money prizes and its super sweet design.

Cupid's Arrow Slots Will Put Your Head in the Clouds

Cupid's Arrow Slots has a total of 5 slot reels and it features 3 rows together with 30 win lines. The design of the game is very fluffy and sugary with its red roses, red hearts and white clouds, so it will be especially appealing when you love the romantic side of life. If that is the case, then you will fly away to the clouds with this slot title as it takes you high into the sky where a heaven full of love themed elements await you.

The five reel and three row game screen is dotted with heavenly symbols. This is no surprise, because the betting experience takes place at great heights. Therefore, you will see lots of white, fluffy looking clouds on the screen's background. The title of the slot is displayed above the reels, and the game control elements can be accessed via buttons on the bottom of the screen. A pulsing red spin button hoovers above them and sets the reels in motion.

The buttons at the bottom take you to a second screen with various tabs. The first tab displays the settings options. Here, you can adjust the number of active pay lines (1 to 30) or the coin size ($0.10 cent or $0.20 cent). At the settings tab, you can also active the autopilot function (between 5 and 20 automatic spins) and turn the sound on or off.

The second tab shows you the pay table, which you can use to lookup game details like for example the payouts for every symbol or the extra perks that special attributes hand out. Lastly, the pay lines tab shows you all the available win line structures and the fourth (help) tab shows you some more game rule details.

Keep in mind that due to the settings of this game, you can only place a wager with two low coin values. Therefore, this slot machine is especially appealing if you're on a low budget or if you just start out with playing online slot games and want to take it easy at first.

Spin Powerful Symbols of Love

The game's super cute and super sweet symbols that hand out the highest casino credit rewards are a little, angel-winged girl who holds a red heart in her hands, a little, angel-winged boy who is also in the possession of such a red heart, a beautiful, purple colored rose and a single red heart.

The cute little boy is the highest paying symbol as he gives 500 credits for 5 hits. The equally cute little girl is second in line with her maximum gift of 250 casino credits. The big red heart comes third with a maximum prize of 175 casino credits. Lastly, the rose will reward you with a maximum prize of 150 credits.

Besides these love themed symbols, you will also be able to spin lower paying attributes and special logos. Card game symbols in various colors form the lower paying batch of attributes. The green A is good for a maximum prize of 100 credits, and the red K gives you 75 credits for 5 reel hits. The dark purple Q hands out a top prize of 50 credits, and the orange J has a top prize of 45 coins. A blue 10 is the lowest paying symbol of the game as it gives only 45 coins for 5 hits.

Then there are the special attributes. Those are the blue colored bow tie, which functions as the substitute wild from this slot machine, and Cupid's arrow, which is the free spins rewarding scatter icon. Lastly, a special "love bonus" attribute also joins this lovely and charming spinning party.

Get Rewarded When the Bonus Round Pops up on the Screen

Spin at least three "love bonus" logos on the reels to launch the special bonus round, in which you get to win extra prizes with the help of cash popping balloons.

Use the Wild as a Symbol Match Maker

If you want to complete a symbol combination but you do not have the right attributes to form one, then the blue bow tie wild attribute is what you need. A wild is able to replace other game logos on the slot machine reels.

Plan a Romantic and Profitable Date With Cupid's Arrow Slots

Play this game around Valentine's Day to get into a romantic mood, and use your winnings to surprise your special sweetheart with fancy gifts. And don't worry when Valentine's Day is already over, because this game will bond with you, and so you can have a long and strong relationship with it throughout the year. That relationship will be fruitful, because this game will shower you with precious gifts and you will have many special moments together. Also, rest assured that this game will never break your heart, since it will always stay loyal in terms of providing entertainment and cash prizes.

Search for this online slot title on your favorite WGS powered casino game dating platform, and casually play some free spins to get to know each other. Then, when all seems to go well, start to play for real coins during the second date if you strongly feel that you two form a perfect match.