A Day at the Derby Slots

The tension and the excitement about the upcoming derby reaches record hights. The jockeys and their horses line up at the starting line, and you make a grab for your binoculars, because a very exciting race is about to kick off in A Day at the Derby Slots from casino entertainment provider Rival Gaming. In this 5 reel and 20 pay line slot title, you will put your money on powerful and fast horses like Lucy in the Sky, In a Pickle and Budapest Gambit. Go for those winnings and prepare to get showered with coins and roses. Mint Juleps really have a great taste when you are on a winning streak in this fast paced game.

Symbols For A Great Day At The Derby

The symbols in this game are welcome elements that make your day at the derby convenient and unforgettable. The binoculars are always an important item, as they help you to have a clear view at the race. The jockey is the person who motivates your preferred race horse so that it gives its best performance. The betting slips are also important, because you enter your gambling details on them. Of course, a refreshing glass of mint julep cannot be left out on such a beautiful derby day.

At the end of the race, the winner will hold the big golden cup in its hands, and you walk away with a nice amount of cash, if you happen to be the lucky person who placed the right bets.

Become A Double Winner When You Play A Day At The Derby Slots

Is your chosen horse going to be the only racer that is visible on the picture at the finish line, or is the race going to end up in a win by a nose situation? That is something you will be curious to find out when you spin the reels of A Day at the Derby Slots. The thrill of the race is only matched in intensity by the thrill of receiving great winnings. The good thing is that when you play this game, you will be a double winner, because a success at the finish line means that there will also be a win at your bank roll. So go ahead and make sure that you pick the right horse and jockey, because they are the ones who make an effort to enrich your bank account.