Can We Wish You the Best of Luck When Playing This Slot?

Of course, that would apply with every slot, and the chances are you’ll have a fair idea of what the theme is in this case. It’s all to do with luck, which is why you will see a rabbit’s foot, a lucky clover, a wishbone and various other related symbols on the reels.

Let’s see how lucky this game could be for you once you start spinning the reels.

What combination of reels and paylines is in use?

Best of Luck features 20 lines spread over five reels.

What could you bet on this slot game?

Your highest coin here is a quarter, and the lowest is a mere cent. However, you will soon realize you can play as many as 10 coins per line to up your bet if you want to wager more cash.

What kinds of symbols are in play in Best of Luck?

The biggest prize is a 10,000-coin payout for getting five wild lucky cats on a single line. There is also a gem in play, which can bring the second-largest prize for five, which is 7,500 coins. Scatters can be positioned anywhere on the reels to win.

Can you unlock a special bonus level?

Not as such, but you do have the opportunity to win some free spins during gameplay. You can do this by finding three bags of gems on the reels. You’ll get four free spins for that. Five spins awaits a discovery of five bags, and six free spins will be awarded to those finding five gem bags.

You can then access a bonus round of sorts, and if you get three bonuses during the same set of free spins, you’ll win more spins. It sounds a little confusing, but if you play this game in demo mode you will eventually trigger the free spins so you can see how it works before wagering proper cash on it.

Download and start playing Best of Luck slots today!

Best of Luck focuses on all the lucky charms we have in our lives. There are quite a few of them too, as you will see. The big question is whether any of these charms will bring you luck while you are playing this game. If so, you could be in for some nice prizes to bump up the value of your account. Good luck while playing Best of Luck slots!