Are You Ready to Play Global Cup Soccer?

There are plenty of people out there with a passion for soccer. If you happen to be one of them, you should seriously consider giving Global Cup Soccer a try. This slot game is very well-designed and is one of a number of three-reel slots created by Rival Gaming. Let’s see what it has in store for you.

How many reels and paylines could you find here?

We have already mentioned this slot has three reels, and you might therefore guess (correctly, as it turns out) that it has just one payline.

What are the biggest and smallest bet amounts you could play with?

This game sits well with other similar games in Rival’s collection. The lowest bet is a cent and the highest is ten dollars. You can also choose from one, two or three coins on the payline, so you have quite a selection of bets to choose from.

Are there any special symbols included in Global Cup Soccer?

Just one football on the reels will win you at least x1 your bet, or x3 if you are playing with three coins. If you get one of each of the trophies, you can enjoy 3x your bet amount as a prize. If you manage to get gold, silver and bronze in order, you will maximize your winnings by scooping 5x your bet amount.

The referee is the best symbol to get, as he will get you the jackpot if you get three on the payline. This could mean 750, 1,500 or 2,500 coins depending on the number of coins you wagered to begin with.

Does this slot game have a bonus round?

This is a standard three-reel game with no special features, so there is no bonus round included.

Download and play Global Cup Soccer today!

If you need a break from the more complex games out there today, you will want to have a go at Global Cup Soccer. The many soccer-themed symbols sit alongside the bar symbols also in play. Furthermore, the graphics are very good – better than you will see in some other similar games.

If you are going to play something with three reels and just the one payline, you could certainly do far worse than this one. For our money, we think this slot provides an excellent-quality gaming experience – and hopefully a top prize for you as well!