King Tut's Treasure Slots

Get into some gambling action the simple way with King Tut's treasure. This simplistic slot game has just three reels and a single payline that will have you hoping that winning symbols line up right in the center as you play along. You'll find yourself getting attached to this slot game, even if it is pretty simple and straightforward.

Cool Theme

King Tut's treasure has an Egyptian theme as was probably expected. The slot has mummies in the background and the inside of a beautiful Egyptian room gilded and ornately decorated. On top of that backdrop is a set of symbols including the Sphynx, scarabs, Egyptian statues, camels, and palm trees over top of an oasis. There are even pyramid symbols that can appear on the reels. All these decidedly Egyptian symbols give the game real color and life and make it worth playing.

Placing a Bet

With just a single payline to work with you won't have a huge number of betting options, but there are some decisions for you to make when you get started gambling at King Tutt's treasure. You can bet between one and three coins on your payline, and you can bet between $.01 and $10 on the lines. That means you have an effective range of $.01 and $30 to work with. Choose a level you are comfortable with and start spinning the reels. You'll be amazed at all the different wins that pop up no matter what your bet level is.

Win Big

The top prize comes from the King Tut statue when you get three of them on the payline. You'll be rewarded with up to 2,000 coins if you're betting three coins per spin. With a maximum bet amount of $10 you could enjoy up to a $20,000 win. That's pretty decent and makes this classic slot into a worthwhile venture for the pretty small investment that it requires.

Double Wild

The King Tut symbol serves as the wild in this game and when combined with any other prize symbols it doubles the win that you get. Each time you get the wild out on the reels you know that you have more prize money coming your way, and it makes it easier to win more often.

Overall King Tut's treasure is a cool game and it's fun to play. It doesn't come with all the special features that some slots do, but it comes with enough features to make it worth a try. Test it out today and you'll be impressed with all it has to offer.