Achilles Slots

Achilles Slots
If you know anything about Greek and Roman mythology, then you’ve certainly heard about the great warrior Achilles, who fought for the Greeks during the famed War of Troy. In the Trojan War, he established himself as a matchless fight; the equal - or perhaps superior - of the God of War, Ares, himself. Casino software maker Realtime Gaming has seen fit to make a 5 reel, 20 payline Video Slot that memorializes his accomplishments, and lets you play as Achilles on the path to gaining the spoils of war.

Far from being your conventional slot, Achilles Slots has a unique feature that can end up putting a lot more cash than usual in your bank account. Most slots that possess Scatter symbols have just the one, and it often pays out grand wins when you land the right amount of these symbols and in the right order on the board (this order is traditionally from left to right). In Achilles Slots, there are two Scatter symbols, and each of them provides you with different Bonus opportunities. This feature is highlighted by the presence of a big jackpot, which can appear randomly and shower you with money.

The following symbols are on the Slot reels: there’s Achille, obviously. Then, there’s also Helen of Troy, the Trojan Horse, Poker symbols (just the higher ones), Greek Shield, Trojan Banner, City of Troy. The City of Troy is one of the Scatter symbol.

As for the mighty Achilles, himself, he serves the function of a symbol called the Wild. The Wild is very important; it can replace other symbols - not including the Scatters - to help complete the necessary symbols for a payout on that line bet. If a minimum of 3 Achilles Wild symbols appear on the slot reels, then you obtain access to a Bonus Game or Bonus Feature. The Bonus Feature consists of extra chances to keep playing for free; these are known as Free Spins. You can win anywhere from 15, 20 or even 25 of these Spins, which pretty much means you’re playing with Casino money instead of your own. During the Free Spins, any of the City of Troy symbols can metamorphose into either the mighty Achilles or the lovely Helen of Troy.

There’s another Bonus Game in Achilles Slot, and it involves the City of Troy Scatter symbol. You require a minimum of 3 of these particular Scatters to show up; if they do, then you’re graced with a double Multiplier of any wins during this game, as well as 10 Free Spins to help prolong the game and increase your chances of winning something even more. In fact, the Achilles Wild symbol and the City of Troy Scatter can combine to deliver some really fantastic wins, in addition to conjuring up a special attribute called “retriggering.”

The Random Jackpot we mentioned above allows you to win huge amounts no matter how the game has been going so far; this is one of the main reasons why this RTG Slot has drawn rave reviews and is one of the most popular ones being played at any online casino that hosts it. All it takes to have a shot at landing it is to keep playing! This might mean you game conservatively on the paylines; but play every line to maximize your chances - it’s a game of probability and good choices, after all. Download it and see how lucky you can get.

Realtime Gaming has a real winner on its hands with Achilles Slots, and looks to make you the next casino gamer to reap the many rewards it has to offer.