A Fresh Mobile Casino Design in Slotastic

Slotastic Casino has come up with a new surprise for their fans, particularly the ones who are making the best out of mobile online gambling. The team of the website has utilized the currently available technology in order to create a brand new interface specifically designed for mobile slots, which will assist players if, for example, they are not at home and want to experience some gambling thrills directly from their mobile devices.

The Initiative

Mobile casinos are without doubt becoming more and more famous as opposed to computers and laptops when it comes down to online games. Perhaps players want to enjoy it just when they are on the move in order to kill time between travel arrangements or perhaps they are so into it that they can’t resist the urge to play all the time. Either way, mobile casinos are far at the top of the preferred gaming platform table for 2017. Slotastic has joined forces with Realtime Gaming in order to deliver some highly comfortable additions to their services and basically elevate the quality of the mobile version of their website. Exceptional brand new interface features and improvements allow the games to be even more comfortably accessed and enjoyed on a smaller screen.

The Games

Slotastic offers games on countless devices and numerous platforms-from Desktop to Mobile and Tablet and since now the stress is on the development of the mobile version of playing, completely new mobile games will be released every other month. These will include online slots and ordinary casino games. Also, some of the already created slots, which are playable on desktop will be reworked specifically to be able to fit the mobile version of the casino.

The Feature

The new features of the game include a special portrait mode, which allows players to enjoy their personal favourite games without even having to rotate their screen or adjusting anything in order to increase their comfort. The mobile website now has an increasingly user-friendly outlook, which prioritizes the gambler’s comfort so that he or she can be fully in the moment, regardless if they are riding the bus, driving the car or if they are checking the reels one last time before going to sleep. Some of the games that can be played in this special portrait mode are Achilles, Caesar’s Empire and Fucanglong. The portrait mode will work with any device that can give you access to Slotastic and promises to make the world of this beloved casino even better than it already was.