Top 5 Slot Game Characters Who You Should Seriously Get to Know Better

Goldbeard Slots
Modern day online slot game titles are often build around a captivating theme to make them more interesting for casino players. These themes tell stories, and those stories are usually dominated by heroes, cowards, villains and every character trait in between.

But no matter what their personalities might be, they all have a story to tell and an interesting characteristics that draw attention to them. In the case of the top 5 slot game characters, this is either because they are so frightening like Jack the Ripper, so strong as Hercules, so distinctive as Goldbeard, so adventurous as Jenny Nevada or so scared as Chicken Little.

Do you want to learn more about this motley group of slot title residents? Then continue reading, because here follows a top 5 slot game characters overview to find out more about who these intriguing figures are, and in which online casino games you can encounter them.

5. The Fabulous and Generous Goldbeard From Goldbeard Slots

There will not be a more proud and memorable pirate sailing around on the seven seas then the magnificent Goldbeard. You're bound to be blessed with great fortunes when you're in the possession of a fabulous golden beard like the one that this pirate displays.

See this sailor's fortune absorbing blessings coming into action when you search for hidden treasures in the 5 reel and 20 pay line Goldbeard Slots title from Realtime Gaming.

Golden vibes just radiate from the pirate's face, and he knows exactly how to navigate his ship and crew towards the finest piles of doubloons. Needless to say that you want to be on board of his vessel when it sails out of the harbor for yet another extraordinary adventure.

Now, you might fear that most of the discovered booty will end up in Goldbeard's own pockets. He is after all a notorious pirate, and pirates generally are not known for being very generous.

However, good old Goldbeard is a unique exception to the rule. Not only does he have a golden beard, he is also known for having a heart of gold. It means that he will actually share the treasures that he finds, and that trait earns him the honorable mention as one of the top slot game characters in online casinos.

4. The Strong Greek God Hercules From Hercules the Immortal Slots

What would a top slot game character list be without the presence of Hercules the Immortal? This fearless and powerful Greek god is a symbol for strength, prosperity and success.

No god is as brave as Hercules, because he boldly ventures out into dangerous ancient lands to fight with fierce mortals and mythical beasts. Any normal person would most likely wear heavy armor when having to deal with such enemies. But Hercules is a whole different breed. His battle attire consists of just a pair of sandals and a plain cloth when he fights his most epic battles.

Be inspired by the bravery of this Greek god when you start your own battle on Hercules the Immortal Slots from Genesis Gaming. Of course, pushing a few buttons, Spinning 5 reels, and making winning connections with 25 pay lines is of course a walk in the park compared to fighting for your life in real battles, but it is thrilling and exciting nonetheless.

But don't worry for a second, because Hercules takes you by the hand, and he will show you how to become a true legendary hero. And you of course you already know that it is the hero who gets all the praises and all the valuable rewards at the end of the story.

3. The Brutal Murderer Jack the Ripper From Jack the Ripper Slots

Who can possibly put more fears into the heart of a late 19th century Londoner than the notoriously brutal killer Jack the Ripper. Even to this day, the story of this elusive killer manages to give people the chills.

Picture walking around on the old and battered streets of London's Whitechapel district. It is dark and the night is ever so misty. Shadows crawl up on you at every corner. At least, so you think. Or could there be something way more dreadful than a shadow creeping towards you from the dank alleyways?

Be afraid, be very afraid, because it might be Jack the Ripper and he knows no mercy. He is cold-blooded and vicious, but nobody seems skilled enough to catch him. Will you be able to fulfill this dreadful task before he commits his next grotesque murder? Then Realtime Gaming's Jack the Ripper Slots is where you need to be to start the hunt.

Keep in mind though, it will be a very dangerous task and you have to deal with many uncontrollable threats in this frightening 5 reel and 25 pay line game. The crime ridden, 19th century East End of London streets are relentlessly unforgiving.

However, if you persevere, you might be able to catch the most notorious criminal that ever plagued the city of London. Your reward will of course be substantial, and that is more than fair considering the kind of man (or woman?) you have to deal with.

2. The Adventurous Jenny Nevada From Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple

Jenny Nevada is an inspiring person, and that is the reason why she definitely deserves to have her very own slot machine title. Her life is a thrilling roller coaster ride full of amazing adventures. She is the kind of person that bravely ventures off into a dense and treasonous jungle to explore ancient ruins from long gone civilizations.

But she is actually not only doing it just for the thrill of the adventure. Jenny is a very smart girl. She knows that ancient jungle ruins hide many precious artifacts and other valuable items.

Thanks to the software development team from Rival Gaming, you can now follow this young heroine during her most recent jungle treasure hunting quest in Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple Slots. It becomes clear from the title of this 5 reel and 20 pay line game that Jenny is presently on a quest to locate a set of profitable diamonds.

You might want to help her out and make sure that she stays alive during all her efforts to obtain the shiny stones, because Jenny will certainly be generous enough to share some of the profits with you.

1. The Scared Chicken Little From Chicken Little Slots

Poor Chicken Little. This cute little bird tries to warn everyone for a dangerous event that so far only he has discovered. It all began when an oak tree acorn fell on the head of this paranoid little bird. For him, it was a warning signal that the sky itself will soon fall down and crush everyone beneath it.

Being the empathetic bird that he is, Chicken Little now wants to make sure that everyone knows what is going to happen. But unfortunately, convincing everyone that the sky will soon drop on their head is definitely not an easy task. Honestly, there will not be many people that are going to believe such a warning. In fact, the will probably think that it is a very crazy story.

But luckily, not everyone thinks that the little bird has become completely cuckoo. His two loyal friends actually believe that he is telling the truth and they are willing to help him in his seemingly hopeless endeavor to spread the warning.

This unique and fun story of Chicken Little has become so famous that casino game producer Rival Gaming decided to build a cute little 3 reel and 1 pay line slot machine around the theme.

Meet Extraordinary Slot Game Characters in Your Favorite Online Casino

Now that you have become aware of some of the amazing characters that roam around on the reels of online slot machines, it is time to joyfully interact with them (or hunt them down in some cases).

Thanks to prominent slot game providers like Realtime Gaming, Betsoft Gaming and Genesis Gaming, you now have the opportunity to be in their presence every day when you visit gambling platforms like and Ignition Casino.

Some of the characters that you meet might be scary, and others might be really inspiring. It all depends on which games you play, and on what kind of slot tittle themes you like.

But no matter what the personality of the slot game characters might be, you can be assured of the fact that they are all somehow connected to profitable casino prizes.