2 Million BC Slots

Travel a long way back in time to say hello to Oogh in 2 Million BC Slots. This friendly caveman welcomes you to an era that seems to be a lot less complicated than our modern times. For a long period, only clubs and rocks where the items that mattered in this era. But now things are about to change. Diamonds are discovered, and Oogh's wife cannot take her eyes of these glimmering objects anymore. A good caveman keeps his cavewoman happy, so Oogh now needs to go out into the dangerous wilderness, to search for more of those shiny stones. Are you ready to join him on his great adventure? You better say yes, because Oogh will also give some of the jewels to you, when he manages to find them that is.

What You Will See When You Spin The Reels Of This Game

2 Million BC Slots is a creation of Betsoft Gaming. You can leave it to this professional software developer to come up with an entertaining and stylishly animated slot title. This game supplies you with a variety of fun symbols that help you to collect the winnings. Just as with the theme of the game, the symbols are also based on the prehistoric culture. They include a cavewoman, a Saber-toothed tiger, a ruby, a diamond, a wheel and many others. Some of the symbols have special functions. At least three campfires unlock free spins. An equal amount of acorn icons will start the Saber attack bonus game. In addition, you should of course also collect those diamonds, because they are the main items in this game. Spin all these symbols on a total of 5 slot reels, and you put them into their most lucrative positions on 30 available pay lines.

Go On A Lucrative Diamond Hunt In 2 Million BC Slots

2 Million BC Slots is a game for those gamblers who love to play unique titles with prehistoric themes. Spin the reels from this beautifully animated slot machine for free, or take the real challenge and put your bucks on the winning lines. Oogh will be really satisfied if you help him with collecting the much desired diamonds in this game, but you will also be able to satisfy your own partner with all the precious coins that you obtain during your enjoyable spinning sessions.