Goblin's Cave Slots

At first glance this particular slots game may not seem to have much to offer. But just wait until you take a closer look at Goblin’s Cave to see what’s hidden inside. Check out our review below now to find out more.

How many reels and paylines are there?

This game has three reels and three paylines, so while it isn’t the biggest slots game you will see online it does have a range of options available.

What are the minimum and maximum bets


You can start wagering as little as one cent on each line and go up to a maximum of $5 if you wish. This means the game is ideal for those on a small budget as well as those who want to bid a little more.

Are there any special symbols?

Watch out for the red ruby as this acts as the wild symbol. It acts the same as most other wilds in online slots games, in that it substitutes for other symbols. There is also a lantern which acts as the scatter symbol. If you get three of these you’ll trigger the bonus feature.

There is a range of other symbols in the game too, including crowns of various colors and jugs and rings. Each one is worth a different amount so depending on the combinations you get you could win prizes with each of these.

Is there a bonus round?

We just gave this away, didn’t we? Yes there is, and you get to choose one of many treasure chests that are displayed for you to see. You’ll receive whatever prize is held inside that particular chest and once you’ve discovered how lucky you were you’ll be able to return to carry on playing the game.

Download and play Goblin’s Cave slots today!

This is a great game for those with smaller budgets but it does give you some interest and excitement if you like to wager a little more too. The game screen is perhaps a little more basic than some games you’ll see, but there is enough here to keep you interested. Games with this few paylines often don’t have a bonus game but as we’ve seen this one is different. Make sure you check out the Goblin’s Cave today to see just what is hidden in there. If you open a chest in the bonus game you could win it big.