Bovada Casino Leaderboards

As a member of Bovada Casino, you have access to the platform's Leaderboards web page and also to the accompanying Leaderboards tool, which show upcoming events that you can then join. Become part of a Leaderboard, and then click on the Launch key to start a Leaderboard mode casino game.

With help of the mentioned tool, you will be able to keep track of your player ranking. Special Leaderboard points will be rewarded to you while you are playing. These points are additional rewards that are handed on top of the regular wins that you make in games. Start to accumulate these points to earn rewards.

Choose Your Game Rewards

Not every Leaderboard has the same reward, so make sure to check the schedule listing for events to inform yourself about the giveaways that can be claimed. Once the event is taking place, you can go to the Leaderboard tool and select 'View Prizes' to see what kind of prizes are on the table besides the regular wins.

Make Sure That All the Conditions Are Met

Just as that there are varying Leaderboard rewards, there are also varying conditions that you need to comply to. For example, if you are you a fan slot machine games, then a qualifying condition might be that you first perform a minimum number of reel spins. Details about the event conditions can be seen when you go to the 'details' tab of a listed event.

Keep an Eye on Your Ranking

Are you someone who always likes to stay up-to-date about your ranking? Your current position can be checked via the Leaderboard tool when an event is taking place. And once the event is over, you can check your final ranking on the Leaderboards web page. You can do this until one day has passed since the end of an event.

Start Your Very Own Leaderboard Adventure

Take advantage of the opportunity to play in Leaderboard mode so that you can win extra rewards while you are having fun with Bovada Casino games. The Leaderboard service is yet another method that this gambling platform uses to give you a great gambling entertainment experience on its website. Visit the Bovada gambling platform today, and start your very own Leaderboard casino adventure.