Top Gambling Betting Guide Rules for Advantage Playing

Here are some tips that might come in handy to know when trying to beat the odds at gambling.

Do You Know The Odds?

Although this might appear to be basic advice, its quite surprising how many people thing they have an edge over the house. Regardless of your experience and knowledge of casinos techniques and betting ideas, you will find that most casino have been in the game much longer than you and are well ahead of the rules. Casino have the odds stacked in their favor. So although you might win, if you just continue unabated you will eventually lose, which means its important to keep a clear head if you want to come up winning.

Only Take What You Can Afford To Lose

This is sage advice and should be imprinted in everyone’s head. Many players ask this question, which machine pays out the most, a regular gambler answered this question: “The one that has the letters A-T-M on the front.” When deciding to visit a casino, its best to assume that your are going to lose, and therefore treat it as such. Make a conscious decision to only take money you can afford to lose and treat it as entertainment, leave your bank cards at home so you are not tempted to go to the ATM and withdraw more. If you lose what you have brought then its time to leave, don’t borrow money from someone else if you are on a losing streak, you will run into trouble and run up debt which is not what you should be doing.

Know When to Quit

Casinos love quoting an old well known adage, “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins,” but when it comes to gambling the opposite is more true. A good rule to stick with is when you have lost all your allotted money then walk away, in the same vein if you have doubled your money also walk away, that way you have a good chance of leaving with your winnings, being disciplined pays off.

Watch the Time

You probably have noticed that very few casino have clocks or windows, there is a reason for this, when people don’t see a clock or notice the light changing from windows they tend to get lost in time. Wearing a watch is a good idea and check on it regularly. This will give you an idea how long you have been on a machine, if you find yourself at a table or slot machine for over 15 minutes and you have not broken even then its time to cut losses and leave. Sensible gamblers set their watch alarm to about 30 minutes then whether you are up or down get up and leave.

Don’t Drink When Playing

Many casino offer free drinks while you are at the table and they have hostesses who walk around offering these free drinks, that’s her job to keep you at the table longer and the free drinks are very tempting. Just like its not sensible to drink and drive, its also not sensible to drink and play at gambling. Alcohol dulls the senses and also impairs one’s judgment. One excuse that works well is to say you are the designated driver, they hostesses will respect that and leave you alone. Remember you cannot be forced to accept the alcohol.

Taking A Break

When in casino you will notice some people never leave the machine they are on, not even to take a nature call, and the cleaning staff at the casino has to clean up after them. That is serious addiction, don't let yourself become one of them people who wont leave their seats for any reason are losers! You want to be one of the winners not a loser. So take a break, apart from a nature break, sitting in one place is exceptionally stressful on the body and the mind. A short break to have a bite to eat or just getting a cool drink is an excellent opportunity to reassess your days play, win or lose and decide if this is the time to walk away, if you are ahead its always a good time to leave with your winnings.

Winning Systems

At many casino’s there are always some people who will approach you with an offer of a system that is ‘fool proof’, ask around about these sometimes persistent salesmen and you will find that they are successful but not in the way they claim, there is always some people who will buy a book or two on how to win, so those salesmen are certainly making money by selling books, and you will see they are not playing at the casinos. The Casino operators have read all the books, and they are still making good money, they are not going out of business. Up to date there is no perfect system that can beat the casino odds, your chances of winning are being at the right place at the right time, pure luck. Remember most slots machines have a random number generator with the odds stacked in favor of the casino.